Our Story

Haluk and Betül Bulutoğlu founded Evrim Software in 1992 by upon realizing the deficiencies in the foreign trade sector, and in order to divert their full attention and focus to this particular industry. At a time when women’s workforce was nascent in Turkey, Betül Bulutoğlu became a leading figure for what is now the best foreign trade software in the country.

Established with the vision of preventing repeat data entries at a time when the computer was being used basically as a typewriter, Evrim Software continues to develop products with conviction, persistence, and patience. The company champions a vision that commands respect even among the sector’s giants.

Evrim Software is a firm that meets the needs of the foreign trade sector and provides its customers with the conveniences and innovations developed by the Ministry of Commerce over the last 28 years. It continues to offer its customers control and save the power of control and saving time.

Mission: To be the firm that allows Turkish companies to engage in foreign trade in a fast and easy manner with its software, analytics, and service integration services in the field of foreign trade.




Haluk and Betül Bulutoğlu started the company at their own house.


First Product: Export System

Evrim Export System was launched with features such as textile quote tracking.


First Declaration Printed Out Using the Computer

The reverse printing of import declarations that were called “declaration sheets” and filled out manually.


First Tax Account

Introduction of features such as Customs Tariff Table, Alphabetical Index and automated calculation of all import duties.


New Infrastructure

The MS-DOS-based system, called the blue screen, was terminated and a new system was established using Delphi and msSQL database to offer import, export and accounting systems.


First Registration with the Evrim EDI System

Obtaining the first electronic registration using the EDI System we developed in-house within the framework of the Customs Union, integrated with the state-operated Bilge registration system.


Exporters' Union

The development and launch of applications that allow for issuing Exporters’ Union approvals from the workplace.


Cooperation with Universities

Evrim applications began to be taught at Istanbul University. Today they are part of the curriculum in nearly 20 universities.


First Registration in the XML Format

Adapting to the Ministry of Commerce’s transition to modern technologies with our new application, and the swift launch of this application in large companies.


Integration with Foreign Trade Firms

The first integration and exchange of information between customs brokers and exporters thanks to the introduction of Evrim Foreign Trade System.


Launch of the ETGB System

The launch of the ETGB Expedited Shipping Declaration Application, and the swift development of the relevant software in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce. The introduction of the feature whereby the declaration can be made from the offices of the largest expedited shipping companies in the world.


Custom Brokerage No. 500

Happy customers.


Foreign Trade Data Bank

First steps for a data bank to register the support services offered to foreign trade companies.


Web and Mobile Services

Mobile E-Customs and Web Customs applications were launched.


Efforts to Transition to Cloud

The launch of analytical work for SAAS Transformation and the switch to cloud for products such as Authorized Brokerage System or Transit Declaration.


Evrim Development Process

R&D projects, and the preparation of the company’s new 10-year vision with the corporate identity and management team.


Customs Bank Tax Payment System

The first application that allows tax payment through public banks

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