Human Resources

Our HR Policy

We continue our operations by going beyond basic needs and planning the human resources needs of our company – which adapts to the requirements of advancing technology and a growth sector and leads the pack with its privileged services.

Our HR Vision

1. Equality

In light of the principle of “equality at work”, it is our utmost priority to provide our employees with a reliable, peaceful, and fair working environment.

2. Measurement and Evaluation

We engage with and evaluate “human”, which we think is the most valuable resource we have, with a dynamic career map and a transparent performance system that adapts to our continually changing business style.

3. Continuous Development

We hold training, seminars, and conferences to render employee growth sustainable and offer this source of power as a service to our sector.

Open Positions

Software Support Specialist

If you are eager to give instant user support and training, participate in the testing, analysis, and reporting stages of our products from the eyes of our customers to the big and robust foreign trade and customs companies of our country, We are also looking forward to your applications.


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