Pre-Accounting System


The Accounting System works in full integration with the clearance and logistics applications.

The financial monitoring of any transaction carried out using Evrim applications can be done easily and without missing anything, thanks to the alert mechanisms put in place.


One-click recognition

Easy accounting for repeated transactions – such as sales invoices, purchase invoices, bank account activities, monthly fee payments, and application fees – without having to re-enter information.

Time-efficient expense entries

Approve and record expenses recognized through Evrim applications.

Maturity management

Monitor, manage, and report the maturity of current customer activities (debt settlement, aging balance, aging statement etc.).

Customizable reporting

Create your proprietary reports thanks to the powerful reporting tools available, and adjust the timing for reports such as income-expense reports, sales reports, and purchase reports, and use scheduled emails to send them.

Moneyrequest activities, tax payment/EFT and wire transfer transactions

Thanks to the moneyrequest system, save and follow the requests of the operation in a fast and convenient manner. Convenience in tax and wire transfer/EFT transactions.

Expense tracking

Monitor expenses and create payment plans.

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