Software Services

“Foreign trade software is what we do!”

Our project teams have been offering services in software development, testing and analysis for five years at Yıldız Technical University Technopark with a view to conducting research and development efforts. With 28 years’ worth of experience in foreign trade, and leading teams in the industry, we produce the right solution for your specialization needs.

Proprietary software service

We create literally “custom-tailored” solutions that are proprietary to your company, compatible with your infrastructure, capable of meeting your usage level and the growth potential you foresee, modular, and easy to service.

As the Evrim project team, we provide services such as integrating the third-party software you use with Evrim solutions, meeting your operational needs with regard to central reporting areas, conducting special tracking activities, and establishing the business rules particular to your organization.


ISO 27001


ISO 20000



Project Experience

+8000 Saat

R&D Team

30 Kişi

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