Integrated Management System Policy

Our Integrated Management System Policy

Our organization always bases its activities on customer satisfaction and regards information as one of its most valuable assets. Our organization takes all necessary administrative and technical measures to ensure information security. In this direction, we guarantee that we will do the following in order to ensure the continuous development of our integrated management system within our organization: Identifying information assets and their impact on business; the possibility of threat by addressing issues such as the cost of replacing the asset, the confidentiality of information, its effect on the image, the damage it will cause in terms of legal obligations; By addressing the multiplicity of vulnerabilities and the extent to which existing controls can close these weaknesses, the motivation of the attacker, the attractiveness of information to competitors, the vulnerabilities in access controls, and the threats to the integrity of the information, it is necessary to identify and evaluate the risks to the confidentiality, integrity and access of information, to evaluate all risks above the acceptable risk level. To implement the necessary controls for assets, to reduce the possibility of an integrated breach event, to respond in a coordinated manner in case of occurrence, to prevent any interruption that may interrupt business continuity, to be able to work again within the targeted recovery period in cases where it cannot be overcome, to measure the performance of integrated management processes, to produce targets from data, to minimize our weaknesses and threats with investments in infrastructure, working environment, hardware, software and training, to meet the security conditions required by our business, our customers and legal conditions. To meet the requirements, to fulfill the applicable conditions and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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