Custom Clearance Export Filing System


For everything on exports, Evrim’s got you covered!

The exports application from Evrim, Turkey’s champion on customs registrations, responds to all kinds of industrial demands and constantly adapts to changing needs.
The system offers a fast, easy and error-free declaration process that allows for the end-to-end tracking of exports processes and the detection of issues and points that would increase efficiency.


E-invoice & Medos

Create and sign export documents on the system.

End-to-end integration

Create job orders with traders ERP integration or export e-invoice, amd pay duties through banking integrations.

Compensating Tax Calculations

Calculate compensating tax automatically based on the declaration and optimize expenses using the deduction tool.

Customizable reporting

Create reports based on declarations and items, define custom and graphical reports, and generate detailed performance reports.

Custom-tailored control processes

Seamless, error-free compliance with regulations and processes thanks to the custom-tailored, dynamic control structure.

Integration with all of other modules

Create data at one point and export it to modules such as accounting, archives, free zone, and warehouse.

Try Custom Clearance Export Filing System Now

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