Authorized Custom Brokerage Online


Evrim YGM system now available on the web!

Your data is stored in the cloud in a secure, encrypted format in accordance with Evrim’s strict quality assurance standards. So you can be fast, agile, and error-free.


Capable of being used for all detection types

You can access YGM regulations with one click. You can prepare documents that will be used for all detection types and send them over the Evrim software interface without having to log into the ministry systems.

User-friendly interface

Customize the module thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Company-specific reporting

Create fact-finding reports customized for your company.

Cloud-based structure

Thanks to the cloud infrastructure, you can automatically update your systems without having to conduct manual updates.

Work from everywhere 24/7

You can access your module 24/7 via online.

Easy data exports

No matter which Authorized Custom Brokerage module you use, you can easily export your data from your existing module to the Evrim’s system.

Try Authorized Custom Brokerage Online Now

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